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2014 Season begins

Hi everyone. Guess what time it is? It is time to make the donuts. It is time for everyone to wake up and get back to work, and show the drum corps world that Spirit is alive and well. Let's get ready to make our mark on Drum Corps International. So my young men and women, it is time to work hard and make this the greatest year Spirit has ever had. The Spirit will never die.

Harold Wright

Executive Director


from Executive Director, Harold Wright

Listen to this… The sounds of the Hornline, the thunder beat of the Drumline and the visualization and pageantry of the Colorguard. I appeal to you, a perspective financial supporter, for help.

The Spirit of New Jersey Drum and Bugle Corps, aka The SPIRIT OF NEWARK was started by Resolution of the Newark Municipal Council in 1991 to provide marching-music education and recreation for Newark youth and to support the Newark Public School System. Through the years, more than 1000 boys and girls have come through our ranks. Our programs provide structured music/dance classes, mentoring, instrumental performance, summer youth employment, overnight travel and constant supervision. We have also established a Junior Leadership Program providing on the job work experience for eligible members to develop and nurture their skills as instructors, composers, arrangers, choreographers and administrators. Our daily goal is to provide a positive and effective alternative to gangs, drugs and violence for inner city youth and to equip them with a solid foundation to meet the challenges of life.

Since 1999, the corps has competed at the Drum Corps International (DCI) Championships held in different locations throughout the country every summer. We’ve competed in Florida, Colorado, California and many other states. Our program has grown not only in size but popularity. In addition the corps hosted a number of youngsters from the Field Band Foundation of South Africa in the summers of 2000 and 2001. The corps performs in parades and competitions every weekend throughout the Northeast during May, June and July. In August 2014 and beyond, the corps will embark on a 12 day intense competition tour through the Midwest competing in 8 shows and finally arriving at the DCI Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Spirit of Newark is the only DCI Touring Corps in America based in an inner city with predominantly minority youngsters. Though most of our instruments and uniforms are older than many of our members, we strive to do the best we can with what we have through pride and dedication. No youngster is ever turned away because of a lack of experience, a disability or an absence of financial support. Spirit provides a wholesome and comprehensive activity that enriches social skills, cultivates imaginations and instills a thirst for success for at-risk youth in Newark.

Become a SPIRIT PATRON OF THE ARTS, Membership starts at just $75 Benefits vary based on membership level, and starts as follows:

PLATINUM LEVEL: 10,000 Dollars (All benefits include)
- One weekend of choice at a timeshare in the Poconos
- Invitation to annual corps banquet
- Sponsorship name on side of corps equipment truck

GOLD LEVEL: 5,000 Dollars (All benefits include)
- Invitation to annual corps banquet
- Corporate name in corps banquet book
- Sponsorship name on side of corps equipment truck

SILVER LEVEL: 3,000 Dollars (All benefits include)
- Invitation to annual corps banquet
- Corporate name in corps banquet book
- Corporate name on all marching percussion instruments ( snare, bass and tenor drums )

BRONZE LEVEL: 1,000 Dollars (All benefits include)
- Corporate name in corps banquet book
- Honorable mention at corps banquet
- One SPIRIT Corps jacket

FRIENDSHIP LEVEL: 75.00 Dollars (All benefits include)
- Honorable mention at corps banquet
- Two Closed rehearsal tickets
- One SPIRIT Corps T-Shirt

On Saturdays, during the winter, we rehearse at the Rutgers YES Center, 200 Washington Street in Downtown Newark and at the Roseville Avenue Armory, 120 Roseville Avenue in Newark as well. We also have a number of afterschool programs at a few Newark schools where we train and develop beginners. If you wish to discuss any further information regarding financial donations of support please contact Mr. Harold Wright at (732) 318-8652 or Isaac Holiday at (917) 701-7084.

Visit our web site at Spirit of New Jersey/spirit of Newark is a 501(c)3 nonprofit taxation deduction organization.

With Gratitude

Harold Wright

Download Invitation from Harold Wright

Alumni open letter

An Open Letter for All Alumni of Marching 100, Spirit of Newark and Spirit of New Jersey…

I am not on all of the social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or etc, but I do talk to people that are on these sites and the alumni’s are doing a lot of talking. It has come to my attention that the hot discussion is the state of Spirit of New Jersey from Newark, New Jersey. Last season 2012, SPIRIT was getting ready to go on tour to the Midwest and the World Championships in Indianapolis and on July 27, 2012, Mr. Eng passed away. We cancelled the tour and prepared for the memorial. SPIRIT is still going strong with some financial setbacks. In 2013, we’ve decided as an administration, staff, and members to go inactive for the season, because there are a lot of financial obligations associated with running an organization in the inner city.

I’m going to get to the heart of the matter. When I talk to former members of different corps, some are successful professional adults that acknowledge that their drum corps experience has helped make them “the person they are today”. You know the skills you learned at SPIRIT helped you with discipline, concentration as well as having great leadership skills. If the Devils, Cadets, the Phantoms and Vanguards alumni can give back, why can’t SPIRIT give back…

According to the SPIRIT Attendance Records, over 1000 boys and girls have come through the doors of SPIRIT to wear the white or the tie-Dyed or the blue and gold. Just imagine; if every person donated 100 dollars a year, that’s $100,000 per year that the alumni can contribute to the organization. That’s more than enough funds with state and corporate grants to give back and SPIRIT can continue to be an effective alternative to gangs, drugs and violence for inner city youth and to equip them with a solid foundation to meet the challenges of life.

Talk that talk, walk the walk and put your money where your mouth is, support SPIRIT. Spirit of New Jersey is a 501©3 non- for profit tax deductable organization. Please send all donations to Spirit of New Jersey/ Mr. Harold Wright at 114 Coventry Lane, Somerset, New Jersey 08873.


Isaac Holiday

Director, Spirit of New Jersey

Download Open letter from Isaac Holiday

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